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July 12, 2017 - Storyboard Software

Create Anywhere, Share Everywhere

As a filmmaker and a creative, you know that inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere.  Now, whether you are on the subway or in the suburbs when you see that perfect setting appear before you – capture it and storyboard that idea with the help of your iOS device and PowerProduction’s app, StoryBoard Quick Direct!  Check out our video demonstration of StoryBoard Quick Direct.  Now, take photos on location and immediately storyboard your shot ideas with the Stand-In Character Library, write (or dictate) notes into the caption, and play your project as an animatic!

StoryBoard Quick Direct for your mobile device


Are you storyboarding on location with StoryBoard Quick Direct?

Enjoy the power of digital storyboarding with the freedom of mobility by using StoryBoard Quick Direct, the storyboard creator app for iPhone and iPad HD! It makes a great connection companion with all the other PowerProduction Software storyboard laptop/desktop applications for both Macintosh and Windows.

If you design drafts of your storyboards on the go and want to add more detail when you’re back at your computer, upload your StoryBoard Quick Direct project to the PPS cloud, where it can be accessed with StoryBoard Quick 6.1, StoryBoard Quick Studio 6.1, StoryBoard Artist 5.1. and StoryBoard Artist Studio 5.1. Add the Stand-In Add-On Library and continue to use the same characters that are on the phone app.  The Stand-In Library on the desktop adds High and Low angles character views too.

Just like the PowerProduction desktop applications, StoryBoard Quick “Direct” app is easy-to-use and quick to learn and will help give you that creative edge while assisting in producing the all-important visual blueprint for your next project.

It’s always nice to get feedback and be able to share as well, check out what StoryBoard Artist User, John Medlen (This Means War, Legion, Lost) recently emailed:

“I would like to say thanks to you, PowerProduction Software, for creating the iPhone,  iPad and Mac software for storyboarding. It has made my life a lot easier being able to be on location scouting and planning out action sequences with the help of these applications. On the spot and at the moment I can create my storyboards which has  helped me immensely.
Thank you team for your great programs! Now let’s make some movies!” – John Medlen

We think the new StoryBoard Quick Direct App can help you too, so check it out and let us know what you think!

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