StoryBoard Artist Aspect Overlays

April 19, 2013 - Storyboard Software

StoryBoard Artist Tutorial by PowerProduction Software

StoryBoard Artist

StoryBoard Artist makes it easy for you to create storyboards that can span every medium. No matter what you are working on, you can select your aspect ratio and get to work. That said, sometimes your work may be viewed on different devices. You might want to see what it will look like when it goes from the movie theater to the home theater.

Use aspect overlays

Use aspect overlays to preview a different frame size without changing your entire project. With a single click, StoryBoard Artist will show you what’s in the shot and what’s out. So, if you know that your next project might be viewed on different devices, this feature shows what your viewers will see. Then you can make changes to your frames.

Watch this demo to see how easy it is to plan your shots for every screen type!

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