Storyboard like a Pro with StoryBoard Quick

June 1, 2012 - Storyboard Software

Storyboarding can be time consuming—but not when you use StoryBoard Quick storyboard software!

Our line of StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Quick Studio shows your vision with more ease than ever before! Make storyboarding fun and easy with Characters, Captions, Script Imports, Print Options, and so much more. Check out the new storyboard video…

With tight production budgets, pre-production is even more necessary before heading out to shoot, for both planning and communication. And when you’re an artist with a camera but not with a pencil, it can be difficult to explain your ideas! Digital previz storyboarding provides the answer with great-looking artwork and the flexibile shot design.

StoryBoard Quick and Quick Studio give you the tools you need to make your storyboards, share them, print them, and present them! The interface is so intuitive that many of our customers never open the user manual: but don’t worry, we still include it, along with tons of video tutorials to show you the tips and tricks of StoryBoard Quick and Quick Studio so you can storyboard like a pro.

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