Time To Break Out Creatively and Break Into Hollywood!

January 6, 2014 - Visual Storytelling

The New Year is a great time to get one’s priorities in order. It’s a perfect starting point to get working on that new script, webseries or feature film you’ve been dreaming of. Sometimes, it’s not the thought of what to create, but what to do with your creation once you’ve completed it. That’s a daunting task. That’s where renegade producer Adi Shankar has some advice for you.

In an editorial for online Bullett Media, 28-year-old independent producer Shankar (The Grey, Lone Survivor) unloaded tips on breaking into Hollywood. He also gives wiser-that-his-years advice on the creative process and the determination needed to really get where you want to go.

Indie Producer Tips by Adi Shankar

You can check out the entire article over at Bullett, but here’s some tips to get you going:
If You Want To Be A Storyteller You Need To Have A Point Of View:

“Diversity of experience is the only way to hone in on what your own unique point of view – also known as your “voice” – actually is, and expanding your social circle is a great place to start.”

The Internet is ******* Awesome!

“It’s an emerging storytelling platform and young filmmakers have an unprecedented opportunity to not only create cool shit, but to shape the narrative and language of the Internet, in the same way that Alfred Hitchcock did for the psychological thriller, or Steven Spielberg and George Lucas did for the blockbuster.”

The Future Lies in Collectives, So Assemble Yours Now!

“By collectives, I mean teams of creative people who constantly work together. Top filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Chris Nolan, and even niche acts like the Jackass guys, already operate like this. So waste no time! Surround yourself with smart people and develop your collective now, even if you’re still learning.”

Don’t Be Discouraged by People Who Don’t Believe

“Anyone who has ever set out to do something even slightly outside the norm has been mocked, questioned, and ridiculed. Realize that people’s doubts aren’t a reflection on you, your abilities, or your ultimate outcome. They are just upset at their own lack of imagination and inability to step out of their comfort zone, and you become a walking reminder of those insecurities. Ignore the haters.”

Shenkar has 13 lessons in total, all of which you’ll find interesting. So check it out. Get inspired and start making a plan today to break out of your creative rut and into a new point of view.

Like Shankar says – it’s later than you think! Let’s get to work! (and don’t forget to storyboard! That’s our tip today 🙂

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