Zeus builds up any storyboard

June 13, 2011 - Storyboard Software

Hulk Smash!

Zeus stands alone as an Add-On Character, recently released to carry your previz project to success!  This strongman has the muscle to pull off the mightiest feats and the physique for any athlete!

This hulk of a guy loads right into your Character Palette! One character in all of the Quick positions and rotations allows you to get the massive strength your project needs!

Zeus is colorizable from cropped hair to exercise shorts and rotatable.  Drawn as an Atmosphere character, Zeus comes in all six Quick poses in the most popular elevation. Whether standing, walking, running, jumping, sitting, or prone, Zeus shows off the strength of a Greek god.

This colorizable character will load right into your Character Palette to join the ranks of the six standard characters. He’s a giant addition to your cast for a massive deal, so download today!

Check out more about the Zeus Add-On Character here!

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