Avid and PowerProduction Create Partnership Over A Martini

August 15, 2013 - Storyboard Software
Avid and PowerProduction Create Partnership Over A Martini

PowerProduction’s Powerhouse Post-Vis Tool Featured in the Avid Store.

PowerProduction Software and Avid’s software have worked closely together with both StoryBoard Quick, StoryBoard Artist and Avid Media Composer. Finally, instead of simply working close, they have products that work together. The Martini QuickShot Creator – editorial plug-in.

Martini QuickShot Editorial Plug-in on Avid Media Composer

Martini Quickshot Creator for Avid Media Composer & Symphony 6 & 6.5 & 7 is the post-production visualization tool that allows you to see your yet-to-be-shot scenes. Most of all, how they will play out in the edit room. Martini Quickshot is quick and easy. Grab characters and locations to quickly create a variety of shot sequences to be loaded into your Avid Timeline. So at the press of a button, without second unit footage or pickups, you can see what a final edit can look like. Time and money saved!.

As Production Phases Blend…

Production phase is extremely fluid these days with story changes coming out of editorial,” says Paul Clatworthy, PowerProduction CTO. “So we created a tool that gives Editors a better way to communicate with directors and producers.”

Since it’s loaded with 100’s of pre-rendered, pre-composed shots and sequences, it’s easy to select your desired segments and have it appear right in your Avid Timeline. As a result, there instant visual reference!  Customize frames by adding actors, changing poses, zooming in and out, and adding captions and locations. The Martini Quickshot intuitive interface makes for speedy visualization. Therefore, directors can visually bridge the gap between shot footage and the next day’s shoot.

Finally, place your new creation into your Avid timeline. Then integrate segment into your existing rough cut for seamless playback.  Martini Quickshot Creator and Avid Media Composer together assist directors and editors make better edits and make better movies.

Martini is now available for download in the Avid Store. For additional questions, log on to the Martini Quickshot website and Live Chat with our sales reps!


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