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StoryBoard Artist

PreProduction Storyboard Software for Features and Commercials

Cinematic Software for Media Professionals

StoryBoard Artist storyboard software gives film and video professionals a fast and efficient way to create professional storyboards and animatic storyreels.

Speeds Up Previsualization

2D graphics and 3D models work together in one app providing creative flexibility and speed to assist you in producing dynamic senes and sequences.

Productivity Merges with Creativity

Design shooting boards, production and presentation/pitching boards. StoryBoard Artist software makes it easy to refine your story and preproduction process with previz features and pipeline integration.

storyboard Artist feature-packed for quick preproduction
Get "Production Ready"

One program brings your story vision to life. No need to export to editing software to create motion and test pacing. Demonstrate complex shots or FX as they play out over time.
Two frames will do it: Frame the beginning set up and the end set up and StoryBoard Artist does the rest.

StoryBoard Artist exports to your mobile devices so you can check off your shots as you shoot

StoryBoard Artist Shot Assistant companion app now available for iPhone or iPad.
Use storyboard frames as shot list. Check off shots while on the set or location.

StoryBoard Artist 7 Benefits

StoryBoard Artist easy to Navigate Easy-to-navigate Storyboard Interface
Fluid storyboarding workspace. Jump from Page Layout to Timeline to Overview and back in our intuitive, multi-window interface.
StoryBoard Artist save time with it's integrated timelineTimeline to Create Motion Storyboards
Preview and present your storyboard projects in motion (moving storyboards a/k/a animatics/story reel)  before going into production, giving you an edge with your vision, your sequence timing and your budget.
StoryBoard Artist Pan & Zoom Pan and Zoom
The powerful Pan and Zoom tool (a/k/a Ken Burns Effect) makes motion graphics and animation in the storyboard frame a snap. Move object independently making shot come alive.

StoryBoard Artist 3dPowerful Imports and Exports
StoryBoard Artist's Importing and Exporting capabilities makes working with other programs easy. Now with 3D, video and image imports.
StoryBoard Artist Imports ScriptsImport your screenplay script text
Start storyboarding your script quickly. Flexible imports make it easy to use text from major screenwriting and text apps including Final Draft, Screenwriter and Word.
artwork includedThousands of images
More storyboard artwork included, complete with angles & character expressions. Choose from hi-rez, colorizable and 3D characters as well as backgrounds and props.

Easy-to-Create Professional Results

Advanced features allow for StoryBoard Artist storyboard software to assist prototyping for any type of media development: film, video, broadcast television and web development.

Layer Palette

Easily select and move objects in the frame onto any plane in your boards panels. Fast and easy frame arrangement!

Object linking for Non-linear Media

Great to create training videos, user-interactive web and game or mobile app prototyping. Test alternative sequences/endings.

Integrated Pipeline

Export project to integrate into Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Adobe Premiere, Avid Xpressor, Avid Media Composer and most popular editors.

 Storyboard Video Tutorial

StoryBoard Artist's video tutorials supply tips and tricks to get you started quickly to make professional storyboards and presentations.

 Great Tech Support if Needed

PowerProduction FREE Tech Support is there when you need it. Upgrades and updates regularly available.


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