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Finally, a smartphone director's finder for professionals! ...virtually every sensor size, lens type, and format is contained within this remarkable app."

Harry Zimmerman, Cameraman - Bridge of Spies, Terminator Genisys, The Avengers and more




Directors: Discover your shot

Compose your shot wherever you are. Tap the format and find your perfect shot.

PowerFinder records all the specs your DP will need to get the shot you want when it comes time to shoot.

No need to drag expensive equipment along while location scouting. Use the camera in your pocket and get the data you need.

Add your own notes too. PowerFinder saves all the shots so you can use them to storyboard too.


Cinematographers: Preview Lenses

Preview your favorite primes for any setup. Tap your camera sensor and instantly see the exact shot.

Sensors include Alexa, Arri, Blackmagic, Canon, Panavision, Red, Sony and more. Pro sensors ranging from half-inch to 8K and beyond, add your own custom sensor too.

Tap the exact specs from your favorite primes including Arri, Canon, Cooke, Fuji, Panavision, Red, Rokinon, Schneider, Vantage, Zeiss and more. Modern and legacy lenses. Anamorphic and custom multipliers.

Need a shot wider than the standard iPhone/iPad lens?
Just slip on any lens add-on and all of your lenses are instantly updated to give you the true angle of view for your shots

PowerFinder records and displays lens size, aspect ratio, GPS, compass direction of view, tilt angle, date, time, ISO, shutter speed and even your own notes. Save to your Camera Roll to come back to the same setup with ease.


Location Scouts

Catch the data of the location:

GPS, Direction of the camera, Time of Day recorded for you

Send location details to client.




I keep PowerFinder in my kit of essentials. It's particularly helpful when I run-and-gun on my documentaries."

Doug Blush, Academy Award Winner - Twenty Feet from Stardom, Beyond Laughter & Tears and more




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PowerFinder's main screen puts you in control of the perfect shot

PowerFinder Director's Viewfinder Choose Sensor

PowerFinder's cool overlay of data gets everything you need




Catch the perfect shot on the go




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