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Looking for an efficient and professional way to pitch and present story concepts for approval
We recommend:

StoryBoard Quick Studio    OR    StoryBoard Artist  with Timeline 

As a director or commercial producer, you may need to share concepts for approval requiring professional storyboards.

Both StoryBoard Quick Studio and StoryBoard Artist have the SKETCH feature. This gives the critical option to present concept in sketch mode giving clients the feel of the concept without the specifics. Because you don't want to be locked in to all the details while you shoot.

Need to create an animatic? StoryBoard Artist adds adds a Timeline Feature for syncing dialog, music and SFX.

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The secret to selling great work is to sell the idea of the work ...before you sell the work. 
-Peter Coughter, The Art of the Pitch




Features to help present and sell ideas


Use StoryBoard Quick Studio and StoryBoard Artist's SKETCH feature.

Concept storyboards convey a visual representation of an idea, and/or mood. Concept storyboards or "proof of concept" storyboard conveys an overall vision rather than specify every element in detail allowing imagination to fill in some blanks or others to contribute ideas.  Used for films, commercials, video games, or animations to pitch ideas or get approval before moving forward with production of the final project.


without sketch    with sketch applied



If Sketch is an element you require, we recommend:

StoryBoard Quick Studio   OR   StoryBoard Artist  with Timeline 


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Use StoryBoard Artist's Timeline to create animatics:

The Timeline displays frames in a track where transitions can be easily applied to connect flow of images. Add sound: dialog, music, SFX to enhance the concept.  Export animatic storyboards to H264 video for approval or print with captions for review.

StoryBoard Artist 7 Timeline


When sound and motion are a requirement, we recommend:

StoryBoard Artist  with Timeline


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A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.
- Steve Jobs

(20 year anniversary of: "Here's to the crazy ones" commercial)



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