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CostumerPro for Feature Film and Episodic Costumers

CostumerPro Software for Film Costumers



- updates breakdowns, budget and script revisions


CostumePro is the professional Breakdown and Budgeting software for Feature Films, MOW's, TV Drama and Episodics. CostumePro adds a Custom Menu along with custom functionality into Microsoft Excel's menu bar.

CostumePro's custom features create Breakdown Pages from the built-in Crossplot, Script Changes, Budgets and more. CostumePro becomes your assistant and makes your job easier.

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CostumePro Benefits
  Save time and money by automatically updating breakdowns, budget and script revisions with CostumePro!

Create Breakdown Sheets Automatically: After you enter your costume change information into the CostumePro Crossplot template, CostumePro creates the breakdown sheet for every character; or just one character at a time; as well as new changes. CostumePro handles multiple changes per scene.

Automatically updates budgets: Choose from Episodic Budget Form or Feature Budgets Form. CostumePro keeps track of your changes for each character and puts the totals into your Budget form.

Handle Script Revisions with Ease : CostumePro updates your budget and creates new breakdown sheets when you enter changes such as: adding scenes, deleting scenes, or adding and removing characters from the crossplot.

CostumePro Features

Feature-packed CostumePro makes your budgeting and breakdown job easy, saving you hours of valuable time!

Customizable Crossplot: add character names and use for all episodes

Flexible Breakdown options: Breakdown one character, Breakdown new changes or Breakdown All

Updates Budgets at same time

Multiple Printing Options: Print Breakdown, Print Crossplot or Print Budget

Easy to follow user's manual gets you working right away. Quick and easy Microsoft Excel tutorial included! Free technical support, easy installation and even a downloadable application to get started fast.

Breakdown Pages The Crossplot is the main worksheet from which all other worksheets get their information. The user simply fills out the Crossplot with character, scene description and script day information.

Script Changes Manage script changes with ease. If a character has been cut from the script, and you've already entered the change information, select that characters column and from the Edit Menu simply Delete. Adding characters and scenes are just as easy, just as efficient.

The Budget provides areas for you to keep track of Payroll, Made-to-Orders, Rentals, Purchases and Cleaning. CostumePro automatically counts all changes for each character in the crossplot.

CostumePro System Requirements
Macintosh and Windows compatible

Macintosh System Requirements
Requires one of the following versions of Microsoft Excel: Excel X, Excel 2004, Excel 2008 or Excel 2011
System OS X
32 MB of Application RAM
Windows System Requirements
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
32 MB of Application RAM
Requires one of the following versions of Microsoft Excel: 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013.
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