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storyboard quick direct mobile app

StoryBoard Quick Direct

Storyboard creator mobile app.
Also connects to our desktop storyboard software.


storyboard quick direct mobile app

PowerFinder - the Ultimate Director's Viewfinder

Discover shots on location and know which lens to use.


storyboard quick shot assistant mobile app

StoryBoard Quick Shot Assistant

View your boards on mobile devices that were created with desktop StoryBoard Quick. Share storyboards with your crew.



storyboard quick direct mobile app

StoryBoard Artist Shot Assistant

View your boards on mobile devices that were made created with desktop StoryBoard Artist. Share storyboards with your crew.



StoryBoard Quick Direct for Creating StoryBoards in the field

Storyboard Quick DirectBe your own location scout.

Insert any photo on your iPhone or iPad to use as a location/backdrop or take a photo right where you are and storyboard it instantly!

Storyboard Quick DirectCasting call.

StoryBoard Quick Direct comes with great-looking Stand-In pre-drawn characters/actors in multiple positions and rotations. Make blocking a storyboard shot a snap.

Storyboard Quick Direct Direct the action.

Zoom-in, Zoom-out and directional arrows are easily inserted to define the action in each storyboard.

Storyboard Quick Direct Action!

Want to see your storyboards in motion? Press play and watch your storyboard sequence play back on your mobile device. Set and save the frame duration, sit back and watch the show. Make a quick animatic!

Storyboard Quick Direct Caption This.

Every storyboard frame allows you to add a caption, director's note or even dialog. Open the caption and type away. You can also set the font, font size and font color. Your captions can be read during playback as well!

Storyboard Quick Direct Get an overview.

View your entire storyboard project as thumbnails in the overview window. Rearrange frames with the swipe of your finger and jump to any frame in the sequence for additional editing.

Storyboard Quick DirectExport Direct to StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist!

Take mobile storyboards and work on them in StoryBoard Quick or StoryBoard Artist. Upload your storyboards to the cloud and open them right in your laptop/desktop for further editing and sharing.


StoryBoard Shot Assistant Features for iOS

App to view boards made with StoryBoard Quick 

or App to view boards made with StoryBoard Artist

Storyboard Shot Assistant Shot by Shot.

StoryBoard Shot Assistant lets you to track each and every frame as you scroll through your finished project. Click and swipe on frame thumbnails or use the navigation toolbar at the top of your screen to navigate any shot in your project.

Storyboard Shot Assistant View Captions.

Show or hide your accompanying storyboard captions. With a single touch, your captions appear to give you all the extra info, script or director's notes and dialog from your original StoryBoard Quick or StoryBoard Artist project. Every storyboard has its own caption to view.

Storyboard Shot Assistant Make your Mark.

Since production is often shot out of order, when done with a shot just "Check It Off!" One button touch layers a graphical checkmark letting you know that you've successfully completed the shot. "Movin' On!"

Storyboard Shot Assistant Action.

Want to see your storyboards in motion? Press 'play' and watch the animatic on your iPad or iPhone. Storyboards shown frame by frame, allowing you to see the flow of your shots.


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