Award-Winning Locations & Your StoryBoards

December 18, 2018 - Storyboarding
Award-Winning Locations & Your StoryBoards

Location Award - Iceland Photo Tours - Secret Life of Water MittyStoryboard locations are key in creating the mood for your film

The backdrop for your shot can establish the whole look and feel of your film. During preproduction, it’s the location scout’s role to help find interesting, spectacular and cinematic locations to bring the director’s vision to life.

Additionally, the location scout will help secure permission and access to the location. It could be a vast desert for a television show like ‘Game Of Thrones,’ the far reaches of Iceland or jam packed city streets of New York in the “Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”

Location Managers Get Recognition

This all-important task had been overlooked come awards season. But not anymore. After a decade in existence, Location Managers Guild of America held their first awards ceremony this week honoring some members who brought some of the most memorable shots to the screen in 2013.

Feature films, television series and commercials were honored by over 450 LMGA members who attended, according to Variety. “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” took home the big prize for outstanding location feature.

How do location scouts know where to look? It starts with the director, the script and storyboards. The director helps guide the location scout so they can best represent his/her vision.

Consequently if you’re handing your final storyboards off to a scout, you can pre-scout amazing locations. Descriptions can go a long way, but finding similar style locations and using them in your digital storyboards will help your location scout to find a selection of possible shooting spaces.

Indie Filmmakers wear many hats – location scout included

However, on an indie project, where you are both the director and responsible for finding locations, you can utilize a vast array of locations to help stimulate your creativity in finding the perfect look and feel for the scene.

While you may not be a member of the LMGA just yet, there’s no reason you can’t excel in providing yourself with the perfect place for your next project.

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