Creativity in Video Production

September 6, 2017 - Storyboarding
Creativity in Video Production
Creativity & Brain PowerDo you consider yourself creative? Of course you do.
As a video producer you may think you are right brain dominant if you ascribe to the myth that the left side controls logic and the right side controls creativity. Well the scientists say you’re wrong.

Creativity is a Product of Both Left and Right Brain

It was named ‘The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences‘ about 90 years ago. And for good reason. Today  technology is a large part of most productions: From preproduction thru production to post production: Special Effects, Digital Editing, etc. creative video and film projects, a/k/a motion pictures, both art and science are critical.
Today’s technology has highlighted the merging of art and science. Yet still, at the heart of any project is the core of inspiration and story idea that comes from the filmmaker’s imagination. (Of course, until Siri or Alexa writes a script.) So a director needs to know the many aspects of filmmaking but doesn’t necessarily need to be an expert at each job. Technology (science) can help augment a director’s creativity.
For example: Camera and lens choices, Lighting types and placement, Sound recording and microphone options and placement, casting procedures and release forms, post production editing and special FX, sound and sound FX editing, and even catering (must keep the crew happy). Of course, storyboards come before all the jobs get started. And the storyboard process is a great time to inexpensively experiment with some of these jobs. It’s a place for right and left brain to collaborate and experiment.

Can Artificial Intelligence Be Creative

With the brain being studied like never before, experts are asking if AI has the potential to become a true creative partner or a solo creator of art? Can it be taught to replace the human soul of creativity. So far NO!

“Can we take what humans think is beautiful and creative and try to put that into an algorithm? I don’t think it’s going to be possible for quite a while. — Jason Toy, CEO, Somatic

It’s easy for AI to come up with something novel just randomly. But it’s very hard to come up with something that is novel and unexpected and useful.”  — John Smith, Manager of Multimedia and Vision at IBM Research

So put both sides of your brain to work on your video production. The good trick is to surround yourself with knowledgeable and creative people AND know when to yell:  “ACTION!”  And remember that storyboards are a powerful key to getting the job done well.
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