Don’t be afraid of Pre-Production!

May 26, 2010 - Storyboarding

Hey everyone,

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Beta Tester program. The Beta Test program is underway and we’re looking forward to expanding the Beta program and bringing you a new piece of the very best in film production software solutions.

A couple weeks ago we brought you the blogpost of Oklahoma Ward, a filmmaker working on his 2nd full length feature horror film and he’s documenting the entire process…including his pre-production and previsualization storyboarding work with StoryBoard Artist! If you missed his video showing off some features and work of SBA plus his own ideas of why storyboarding is absolutely essential to producing the very best end product, you can check that out here:

The Making of a Horror Film!

This week we heard from long time user and filmmaker Manuel Leon Caballero who recently completed his frighteningly good suspense terror short VERONICA. He wrote us, and had this to say about working with StoryBoard Quick:

I want you to know I’m a huge fan of Power Production Storyboard Quick! !, I’m a spanish indie film maker and my last short film is called VERONICA. It’s a horror short movie, a “demo movie” for a full length picture I have in mind.

My short film, VERONICA, was entirely storyboarded with StoryBoard Quick!!, and I’ve to tell you it helped me a lot and my crew was blown away with the storyboards I presented. I’m one of those directors who like to control every aspect of the project… and your wonderful storyboard software allowed me to show what I had in mind….

Thanks Power Production because I, like many other directors, can not draw to save my life… and SBQ has given me the solution I was looking for.

While Manuel’s film, Veronica, is in Spanish, you certainly don’t need to understand Spanish to enjoy this thrilling short. Check it out at the following link:

Watch VERONICA here

We’d love to hear what YOU are working on as well…so if you have something in the works you think people should check out, hit us up!


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One thought on “Don’t be afraid of Pre-Production!

Manuel León Caballero

Hi, I’m Manuel León Caballero, the director of VERONICA shortfilm, and I’d like to tell you what was StoryBoard Quick’s role in this project. Of course I used SBQ to make the storyboards for this shortfilm of mine, but there is another thing maybe someone could be interested to know about the benefits of working with this software.

VERONICA (the shortfilm) is just a demo-movie for a full lengh picture I haven’t made yet. Some years ago (before making the VERONICA shortfilm) I was “lucky” enough to find a production company to produce my horror feature film VERONICA. So, besides the script, they asked me to show them an entire storyboard of the project… and we are talking here about a feature film! not a shortfilm! and all I can say is SBQ saved my life because I got the whole storyboard project finished ON TIME (we’re talking about quite less than a month to make a whole feature film’s storyboard project. In this case we are talking about more than 1000 shots. And I got it finished!). So I gave the complete storyboard project to the production company and well… they liked it a lot, literally they were blown away with it!…

… but, and here comes the sad thing about this story, remember I said “lucky” about getting that production company interested in producing my horror project?, well, it was never done with them. In fact, the VERONICA project is still searching to get financial support.

But the whole thing about this story I wanted to share with all of you is that I was able to make a whole feature film’s storyboard project on a deadline. And although the final project could not be done, the storyboard project was finished brilliantly an delivered on time!!! SBQ is that good!!

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