Low Budget Tips For Indie Filmmakers

February 11, 2017 - Film Production, Tips, Useful Resources
Low Budget Tips For Indie Filmmakers

GFM_Issue1Low budget, hyper-indie films find their footing

Update: First of all, you don’t need to have a lot of money in order to make a great film. What you need is a solid story, plenty of preproduction, preferably with the power of StoryBoard Quick or StoryBoard Artist. Plus a little help along the way. (updated from earlier post: Guerrilla Filmmaking Magazine, the free digital interactive publication geared specifically for the hyper-indie filmmaker now links to Filmmaker magazine.)

Since it contained articles and tips to help indie filmmakers take steps to achieving their cinematic goals, we researched info and came up a few tips we like.

As a result, these particular tips are from a recent Raindance  Article.

Elliot Grove, the voice of British filmmaking and founder of Raindance Film Festival was quoted giving the following tips:

secret of a low budget movie’s success


Films that sell need to be genre. Genre helps the distributors know what kind of movie you have made, and gives them a really good idea of how to market it as well.  …It’s important to realize that all stories are dramas. It’s genre that defines the type of drama or story it is, Grove explained.”

basic elements of low budget filmmaking

A Good Production

Low budget filmmaking may be the name of the game, but it doesn’t mean you have to make them with shaky camera movements. Using new camera technology like DSLR, or your cell means that the problem of quality image capture has plummeted, Grove says.”

…and Great Script

“To make a really good low budget film, the type of film that will launch a career, is totally reliable on the script.”

tricks of writing for low budgets

Keep it small and few locations

“The elements that cost the most time and money making a film are: moving the crew from location to location. And the number of shooting days. It stands to reason, therefore, that if you have a limited cast, with a very few locations and a shorter shoot you can keep costs down,’ says Grove.

When asked “What’s low budget filmmaking?” He answered:

“I have worked on productions with millions in the budget, and there never ever is enough money.”

Consequently, if looking for more information on getting the best pre-producton software on the market, check out the StoryBoard Quick Demo and get started on your next film today.

Finally, for more info on Indie Filmmaking tip read the entire article and interview from Raindance website


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