iPhone & iPad App Unveiled!

December 1, 2011 - Storyboard Software

StoryBoard Artist Shot Assistant takes your StoryBoard Artist project on tour!  Now you can view your storyboards on-the-go with Artist’s new App for iPhone and iPad!

Export your StoryBoard Artist v5 projects to Shot Assistant to accompany you on set to complete the perfect cinematic shot and share information with your crew using your iPad or iPhone .

Scroll through all of your storyboards frame by frame, view your text/script captions, mark your completed shots with a “check,” playback your project as an animatic, or email the project for sharing on iPhone, iPad or iTouch.

StoryBoard Artist Shot Assistant will keep you organized and on-track while in production!

Shot by Shot
Shot Assistant allows you to track each and every shot as you scroll through your project. Click and swipe on frame thumbnails or use the navigation toolbar at the top of your screen to navigate any shot in your project.

Make your Mark
Since production is often shot out of order, when you are done with a shot just “Check It Off!” One button touch layers a graphical checkmark letting you know that you’ve successfully completed the shot and it’s time to move on.

Caption This!
Show or hide your accompanying captions. With a single touch your captions appear to give you all the extra info, script or directors notes and even dialog from your original StoryBoard Artist project. Each storyboard panel has it’s own caption to view.

Want to see your storyboards in motion? Just press ‘play’ and watch the animatic on your iPad or iPhone. Frame by frame, allowing you to see the flow of your shots.

StoryBoard Artist Shot Assistant also allows you to jump between multiple StoryBoard Artist projects so if you create multiple sequences or go back for pick-ups, you can easily navigate between projects.

Using StoryBoard Artist Shot Assistant ­ you can get from script to screen while on the go and in production!

StoryBoard Artist’s Shot Assistant project files can be viewed on iPad, iPhone, and iTouch.  Project files are created using StoryBoard Artist v5.

For all of the latest companion and assisting apps, visit PowerProduction Software’s mobile page.

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