Now Introducing: The Vector Starlets!

May 7, 2011 - Storyboard Software
Kate is Colorizable!

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

We’re honored to introduce the new Starlets Library, a palette of five vector empowered women auditioning for the lead in your next project!  As Angels awaiting Charlie’s next mission, fashionistas hitting up the Big Apple, or housewives enduring the adventures of suburbia, these femmes fatales are ready to jump into your next feature.

These vector characters are drawn in a fun style to show off their fashion sense.  With all the Quick rotations and poses, you’ll definitely find their best angles!  Whether on set, on stage, or on the runway, these females have the attitude your production needs.

Use the Color Palette in StoryBoard Quick or StoryBoard Artist to change their clothes and shoes, dye their hair, or get an instant tan!  This library is completely colorizable and can be saved right into your My Characters palette for convenience throughout your project!

Add Antonia, Kate, Kaylee, Samantha, and Shannon to your storyboard software today for a special introductory price!

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