Starlets Characters


The new Starlets Characters Add-On for StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist give you a new cool colorizable look for your next short film, TV pilot, or blockbuster! These new stylized, colorizable, vector actresses to help you give a whole new look to your next project! Five female actors in all of the Quick positions and rotations you need jump into your boards and give it that artistic feel you've been looking for

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These five customizable vixens are dressed and make-upped for your next hit! Give your storyboard projects a new, great-looking cast of stylized young women to take center stage and attract attention! Move your prima donnas from previsualization into production with these new storyboard divas, ready to take the lead and shine in the spotlight. Kate, Antonia, Shannon, Kaylee and Samantha are the greatest BFFs and worst frenemies imaginable, to give you the drama your project needs!

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