Printing PDF files from StoryBoard Artist

April 3, 2013 - Storyboard Software

There are many ways to share your storyboards and cinematic vision when you have the power of StoryBoard Artist. One of the most popular ways to exchange ideas is via email – it’s fast, easy and everyone has it. Printing PDF files of your StoryBoard Artist project is a great way to make it accessible for everyone to see, plus it makes it a small, easily attachable file to send and receive via email.

Printing PDF files – Tutorial

In this overview tutorial, you’ll see how easy it is on a Macintosh to turn your entire storyboard project into a PDF file (printing to PDF file) so you can show it off to everyone. With just a couple click of the mouse, your cinematic blueprint is ready to be shared.

So, get started sharing your ideas by printing to PDF with StoryBoard Artist today!

TIP: If you want to share your project or use it on the set, try StoryBoard Artist Shot Assistant available from the App store.

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