Script Magazine Reviews StoryBoard Quick storyboard software

July 24, 2013 - Storyboard Software

Screenwriters and directors alike use StoryBoard Quick storyboard software for professional results.

Everyone knows that you don’t need to know how to draw in order to use the professional power of StoryBoard Quick. Well, recently the gang over at Script Magazine decided to take the #1 storyboard software for a little walk-through and they sure did like what they found out! In a new review they found that not only was StoryBoard Quick easy-to-use but it was actually “awesome.”

Script Magazine Reviews StoryBoard Quick storyboard softwareThe reason being is that StoryBoard Quick is the perfect compliment to your newly written script. With tons of import and export options from popular screenwriting software like Final Draft and Screenwriter, you can quickly and easily compose storyboards for every shot. It also has a ton of presentational options, including printing, Flash export, HTML and more which allows you to see your storyboards side-by-side with your script and dialog.

As they say in the review, it’s perfect for directors and screenwriters alike and clearly it’s “much cheaper than hiring a storyboard artist” and it’s “An excellent choice to create storyboards for anyone who can’t draw or afford a professional storyboard artist. Keeps projects looking professional and on budget.”

Check out the entire review complete with screenshots and a step-by-step of how easy it is to get going over at Script Magazine.

Got questions on StoryBoard Quick? Chat with us, we’re happy to help!

One thought on “Script Magazine Reviews StoryBoard Quick storyboard software

Manuel León Caballero

Hi, I’m a spanish indie filmmaker (I showed you my shortfilm VERONICA some time ago, it is in your “Don’t be afraid of preproduction” post). I’m planning now my next project: a no budget horror movie. The shooting begins on september 2th and I’m just flying with SBQ to complete the entire storyboard for this project. I have limited time to shoot in certains forests and the boards created with this amazing software will help me to get straight to the point and save time! Thanks again Power Production!

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