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May 23, 2012 - Storyboard Software

To sketch or not to sketch?!  In StoryBoard Quick Studio (and StoryBoard Artist) we give you the ability to take all of your digital storyboards, including imported artwork, and print them out in a great-looking, artistic sketch style which makes it look like you hand drawn storyboards.

StoryBoard Quick Studio’s Print-to-Sketch Mode (sketch printing option) brings an artistic edge to your storyboards and presentations.  With the Print-to-Sketch feature, Storyboard Quick Studio renders your storyboards as sketches in the print preview.  Choose from a variety of sketch intensities, from light sketch to heavy detail.

Sure, it looks great, but here’s some other reasons why printing in sketch printing style may be just what your project needs!

1. Focus on Your Vision, not Details

You’d think you could never be too detailed, but the last thing you want when you are pitching and communicating an idea is for your collaborators or potential clients to get hung up on what color shirt your actors have in your storyboards.

It’s the concept that’s important in cases like these, not necessarily the details.  So don’t give your clients and crew the chance to get stuck on irrelevant details: Print-to-Sketch Mode extracts those potentially sidetracking details and, in its place, leaves a clear visual concept of your idea- in hand drawn style!

2. Get Artistry Without Drawing

Sometimes you can visualize what you want in your mind, but your hand drawings just aren’t up to par.  You want to give your project an artistic feel, but you haven’t got the time or skill to draw it by hand…Storyboard Quick Studio can help.

Print-to-Sketch Mode will give your storyboards a hand-drawn look with the click of a button, saving a forest of trees from frustrating scrapped attempts at drawing by hand.  (And even if you can draw by hand, Print-to-Sketch is faster than putting pen to paper!)  StoryBoard Quick Studio’s black-and-white line drawing sketch style is a time-saving shortcut to an artistic hand-drawn style, giving you the look of a classic drawn storyboard.

3. Blend Different Media Types

When you’re building your storyboards, you might decide to use several different media types:  for example: Storyboard Quick’s artistic Characters, an Add-On Library in a different style, your imported location photos, plus some graphics you found on Google Image Search.  All these elements are necessary for capturing your vision of your final project, but the differing types and levels of art might distract clients or confuse crew.

Storyboard Quick Studio’s Print-to-Sketch Mode artistically renders every element of your storyboard, leaving you with a consistent art style and impressive presentation!

Get started using Print-to-Sketch in your storyboards today!  Check out StoryBoard Quick Studio and StoryBoard Artist—and as you know, you can upgrade throughout the entire line of PowerProduction storyboard products!

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