StoryBoard Quick 6 Hands-On Seminar

March 1, 2012 - Storyboard Software
We are excited to collaborate with Digital Juice and create a hands-on seminar on the features and functionality of StoryBoard Quick! Digital Juice contributor Kevin shows off StoryBoard Quick and explains how digital storyboarding creates great-looking storyboards, how to create storyboard with provided art, drawn objects and imported graphics, and how to share your project with cast, crew, and clients—all while showcasing its extremely easy-to-use interface!

Digital Juice is an active part of the film community, supplying equipment filmmakers need, from video gear to stock footage and even music and graphics! StoryBoard Quick is proud to be a longtime partner of Digital Juice and provide our mutual customers with the tools and content to succeed during all the phases of film production.

One thought on “StoryBoard Quick 6 Hands-On Seminar

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With this information that Storyboard Quick is a longtime partner of digital juice,so they will definitely create a tool for every succession of film production.
That’s good to hear that they can help also the production of film industry.

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