Storyboards: Key to The Master Plan

June 15, 2013 - Storyboarding

Storyboards Effect Every Stage of Production

The best films are made from the ground up. You lay down a comprehensive base of ideas, script and storyboards to set yourself up for a successful shoot. Sometimes though we don’t even realize that while we’re working in preproduction, that work and those storyboards are going to help us throughout the entire production, right into postproduction.

When you are working on a shot or a sequence, it’s not only going to show you the images you need to capture on the day of production, but how those shots will lay out when you get to the editing phase. This is really the concept of postvisualization. Envisioning what the final edited product will look like in the middle of production. The visual groundwork you built in StoryBoard Quick or StoryBoard Artist is used in principal photography and can also be used as a blueprint for a director or editor on how the final product will look.

Using the storyboards in a dual capacity also allows for a non-linear production. Use the same cinematic visuals to cut scenes together while you are shooting. This allows for more time to be used to make sure the shots look just the way you want and cut together to tell the story as you envision it.

So when you storyboard, make sure to think of the big picture. Don’t ditch those storyboards once shooting is done – you’ll need them!

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