Post-vis, Pre-vis, Storyboarding? What’s your pleasure?

“What’s the difference between storyboarding, pre-viz and post-viz? What tools can help streamline the process of production?” The PowerProduction team members are asked this all the time. So here are some answers from our experience as well as from some of our clients.

Let’s start at the end and work back to the beginning.

Post-viz, although similar to pre-viz, is done after principle photography (during editing). Post-viz is especially helpful when working on VFX heavy projects and adding or layering elements over edited footage (i.e. adding CG characters, compositing FX), creating temp comps or laying in missing or second unit (yet to be filmed) scenes. Directors, VFX supervisors and VFX producers will pre-viz FX scenes before they shoot them. This saves money and time in post-production costs. Continue reading “Post-vis, Pre-vis, Storyboarding? What’s your pleasure?”

Pre-Visualization vs. Post-Visualization

Some people ask… What’s the difference between pre-viz and post-viz?  How do filmmakers plan ahead for both stages?  What tools can help streamline the process?

PowerProduction has developed software to help our customers with all types of visualization for their media productions.  For previsualization, we offer StoryBoard Quick, StoryBoard Quick Studio, StoryBoard Artist, and StoryBoard Artist Studio.  (You can see a comparison of their features in our Store here.)  For post-visualization, we’ve developed Martini QuickShot Creator, a plug-in for Final Cut Pro on Mac and Premiere Pro on Windows, for editors to visualize necessary shots during editing.

Previz is typically done before shooting. Directors and cinematographers rely on storyboards in combination with the script so that they can plan their shots and angles before reaching the set, and communicate this plan clearly to cast and crew.  Planning in this way saves a ton of time during shooting, and saves a lot of energy and money too!

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Martini QuickShot now available for Windows!

Martini QuickShot Creator for Post-Production is now available for Windows operating system with the Premiere Pro editing system!

After its initial release in September 2010, Martini became a revolutionary post-production application that brought the creativity of visualization into editing.  Rather than breaking the flow of your work in progress with white-text-on-a-black-background slugs describing the missing shots, PowerProduction Software developed Martini QuickShot, using the QuickShot Technology and the previz power of our visualization software.

By bringing visualization into post-production, editors and directors can now develop missing shots using Martini QuickShot artwork from within their editing software. Martini lightens the load of editors and directors, and allows clients and crew to better visualize a work in progress project. Continue reading “Martini QuickShot now available for Windows!”