For Advertising Agencies, StoryBoarding Is A Necessity

December 10, 2014 - Storyboarding

You’d be a MAD MAN not to storyboard your ads.

Filmmakers know that the secret to filmmaking success is to plan out your story and shots visually using storyboards.

As talked about in, there reason storyboarding is gaining so much steam is that it does so many things right! It’s the visual sketch of your film and the blueprint to a better end product.  Well, when it comes to adverting, the concept of storyboarding is beginning to find a broader base.  While it’s always been the tool of savvy advertisers, “storyboarding” is becoming is buzzword and thanks to easy-to-use solutions like StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist, more and more agencies are adopting the technique to create a better brand for their clients.

What storyboarding gets right

Communication: “Storyboarding gets everyone on the same page, presenting a shared vision…The visual and narrative nature of a storyboard is easily understood and elicits clear feedback. Also the storyboard acts as a focal point for productive dialogue and promotes a proper context around input collection.”

Organization: “As an organizational or brainstorming tool, storyboarding ensures your end product tells a story…Storyboarding brings the focus back to the customer’s needs. Project misalignment, creep and other risk factors can be mitigated if the customer’s problem can be clearly described and visualized.”

Rapid Development: “Storyboarding, when done correctly, is iterative and quick. Think of it as a self-organizing, rapid and evolving development methodology. It’s a brainstorming or organizational tool. The storyboarding process quickly and naturally drives the format into a narrative structure.”

Finally, storyboards help propel the creative process and ensures that everyone is on the same page.  However, don’t be fooled, you no longer need to be a great artist to be able to share your vision. Just check out StoryBoard Quick and you’ll see – storyboarding can be quick, easy and visual to help you communicate ideas more effectively.


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