Don’t be afraid of Pre-Production!
Hey everyone, Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Beta Tester program. The Beta Test program is underway and we’re looking forward to expanding [...]
PowerProduction Beta Test Program
Hey everyone, We have something very cool coming down the pipeline here at PPS and we’re looking for some of YOU to help us beta test it before we [...]
StoryBoard Quick Customer Survey iPod Winner!
Ultimately, my storyboards saved me a ton of time! I've got things to do! So I couldn't spend all day figuring out what I was going to do on the fly, right?
PowerProduction Storyboard Software website
We’ve got a new look and a new website at PowerProduction Software!  We hope you enjoy poking around and, of course, feel free to use our Live Chat [...]
2010 Welcome!
Wishing all of friends, family and customers a happy and healthy and prosperous new year.  If we can be of any help with your projects, please let us [...]
Happy Holidays to all!
The team at PowerProduction Software wishes everyone a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful Holiday. We’ll be taking some time next week to spend with our [...]
Video Contest Winners are Announced
“The U.S. Department of Education announced today that the following students are winners of its “I Am What I Learn” video contest: Rene Harris, Alex [...]
Last Day to Vote on “I Am What I Learn” Videos
Voting closes today and results should be available mid December. Click here to see videos and to vote.  Good luck to all the finalists!
Voting runs thru Dec 4
The 10 finalists in the “I am What I Learn” video contest are now available for viewing and voting at Voting to [...]
Top 10 videos in the “I am What I Learn” Video Contest posted
If you’re curious about what America’s students are thinking about their education and what’s important to them, you can go to [...]
“I Am What I Learn” Video Contest Update
Thanks to all of you who submitted your storyboards to be entered into PowerProduction’s portion of the video contest. We are still awaiting [...]
“I Am What I Learn” Deadline is coming up!
We couldn’t have been happier with the level of participation from schools throughout the country in PowerProduction’s portion of President [...]