New Version Update of StoryBoard Artist Available!
We continue to improve our line of storyboard software applications with new versions and update to StoryBoard Quick, and StoryBoard Artist. Many of our [...]
Storyboard Locations Continue to Grow More Ultimate
Winter is here right now in the Northern Hemisphere, so we’ve taken advantage of  “global warming” and captured some images to make sure [...]
Avid Plugin Version for Martini QuickShot in Beta
Martini QuickShot is in Beta testing for it’s Avid Media Composer Plugin version. Beta testers are being selected now so, if you are an Editor and [...]
Martini QuickShot Update for Adobe Premiere
There’s a free update for Martini QuickShot v2 Plugin for users of Premiere Pro CS6. Martini Quickshot Plugin Check to make sure you have the latest [...]
Combine Digital Photos in Storyboards: use Masking Tool
The use of digital photos in storyboards is a big leap. The art of storyboarding has come a long way since the days of needing big budgets and an aptitude [...]
New Chinese Versions for Storyboarding
We’re releasing new versions of all of our products in Chinese! We worked closely with our partner Ou-Lei Technology in creating localized versions [...]
Storyboard Quick Facebook Contest – win movie passes
We love movies: both making them and watching them so we thought it’d be cool to have a StoryBoard Quick contest. 1. Go to our Facebook Page: [...]
Free StoryBoard Quick Studio Update for v6.1 Users
A free minor build update has been released for StoryBoard Quick Studio v6.1  to provide the latest features and bug fixes for your software license. [...]
Free Storyboard Artist Studio Software Update
Free update for StoryBoard Artist STUDIO v5.1 users provides the latest feature updates and enhancements for your v5.1 storyboard software license. [...]
Storyboard Artist 5.1 Update Available – Free
Free update for StoryBoard Artist v5.1 users  to provide the latest feature updates and enhancements for your 5.1 storyboard software license. Our latest [...]
Free StoryBoard Quick 6.1 Update!
Free Update available for StoryBoard Quick 6.1
PowerProduction Software Sponsoring 1st Annual Visual Screenwriting Competition
PowerProduction is proud to be sponsoring the Center for Visual Education’s First Annual Visual Screenwriting Competition! We know that when you [...]