Characters Make a Difference in Storyboards

December 18, 2015 - Storyboard Software
Characters Make a Difference in Storyboards

Storyboard CharactersYou can create a great storyboard using generic storyboard characters as placeholders in the frame. It’s quick and easy and sometimes that’s all you need for you and the crew. But when you’re trying to present a concept or persuade a client or producer to see things your way, you may need a little extra umph. So that’s why we have optional storyboard characters for all of our storyboard software apps. They come in a variety of styles, both included and additional to add to your projects.

Extra Character Umph

Looking for more kids? Check out our popular Kids Suite. It includes characters, props and locations. That’s why we call it a suite. It’s many libraries in a whole new toolbar.

Need more corporate people? The Business Suite is perfect for your corporate videos for both Quick and Artist.

More variety of characters are also available. From hipsters to sitcom characters to families.

Need more Props, we have those too for you commercial directors that specialize in table top and other closeup work.

Don’t see what you’re looking for ? Click to chat with us and see if we can help. Our previs experts love helping you with your projects.

Happy Boarding!


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