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When it’s time to get down to business, the new Business Suite Add-On has you covered. Our latest Storyboard Add-On content pack offers new colorizable corporate characters (Mr. & Mrs. Business) as well as a wealth of new City Locations and Office/Business props. Whether you are working on your next feature film, a new corporate video or the latest ad campaign, these stylish storyboard additions to your StoryBoard Quick or StoryBoard Artist application will give your storyboards the look to impress the suits!

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Ms. Business comes ready to work and makes a great addition to the storyboard team! Coupled with new big city locations - both interiors and exteriors - the Business Suite adds a new dimension to your StoryBoard Quick or StoryBoard Artist application! Colorizable Mr. Business can be saved into your My Characters for use time and time again while a whole host of new workplace props and furniture to help fill out the workspace! Get hundreds of new stylish storyboard graphics today with the all new Business Suite Add-On!

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