New Additions For Mobile Storyboards!

April 3, 2014 - Storyboard Software

The next step in mobile storyboarding

With PowerProduction’s popular mobile storyboarding application, StoryBoard Quick Direct* , directors and creatives can create and complete cinematic shots from anywhere.  In addition, with the latest version and new addition of Add-On Actors, those storyboards can have a brand new looks complete with a unique set of actors to complete your vision.

*avaiable for iPhone and Android

The new version of StoryBoard Quick Direct makes your favorite Add-On Libraries from the StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist desktop versions, available on your mobile app.  Whether you are looking for your project to take a serious turn by utilizing on of the popular character in the Drama series (Drama 1, Drama 2 & Drama 3) or a unique hilarious look from the Comedy set, your boards can convey more attitude and feel than ever before.

If you are working on an action flick, check out the explosive Stuntman Add-On or even the muscular Zeus. There are 26 new character in total (51 in total!). All characters can travel with your storyboards to the cloud. Then downloaded to your desktop version of StoryBoard Quick or StoryBoard Artist.

Finally, with mobile storyboarding being fast, easy and inexpensive, dedicated filmmakers can work on their next creation anywhere.  StoryBoard Quick Direct helps you do just that – full time filmmaking, no matter where you are.

So when you see a shot, take it – with StoryBoard Quick direct.

Make sure you check out all of PowerProduction’s Mobile applications, for dedicated filmmakers of every level.

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