Storyboarding Made Easy with New Tools And Techniques!

March 1, 2018 - Storyboarding
Storyboarding Made Easy with New Tools And Techniques!

If you’ve struggled to get the best out of modern storyboarding software, you might be wondering how the newest animation/animatic tool can make it all easier…today, advancements in digital storyboard techniques offer users greater ease and control, as well as myriad choices regarding style, compatible apps, and so much more

In the past, working with sketch artists and trying to get your vision onto finished story boards could come with a lot of stress and expense. Waiting for drawings, evaluating the ongoing process, and making refinements and adjustments could often waste hours of your valuable time, pushing deadlines and busting budgets. PowerProduction Software addresses the common pitfalls of facing blank storyboard templates, and they’ve resolved creative issues through the wonders of new technology.

Optimize your efforts with A.I.

PowerProduction has a proven ability to remain on the cutting edge: their latest refinements continue to push the envelope. QuickShots AI technology gives you an unprecedented creative jump start to combine scenes and characters into your blank storyboard frame. No need to wait for the sketch artist to complete their assignment or inspiration to strike.

Turbo-charge your project

With the latest technology, you won’t need to outsource drawing anymore, ever: the program takes care of it all for you!

Imagine the time you’ll save on meetings with sketch artists to explain your vision, evaluations of current drawings, and other common drains on your time and resources.

Sketches cost time and money: PowerProduction understands the travails involved with creating polished film storyboards and previsualizations. In order to make your project more efficient, we’ve created cost-effective software that places instant, high-quality artwork at your fingertips. If you’re looking for digital storyboarding that will pay for itself in the short term, you’ll love the new features we offer.

In the past, classic storyboards, such as those created for George Lucas’ sci-fi epic, Star Wars, became shining examples of the way storyboarding could capture the very essence of creativity and inspiration…in fact, many storyboards from decades past have become valuable collector’s items or even museum pieces. Other seminal storyboards, such as those crafted for Warner Bros. cartoons, embodied the sense of movement, drama and humor of a finished, Looney Toons animation. Today, you too can create stellar storyboards with a dizzying array of backgrounds, effects, and audio…without hiring an artist.

The best way to understand just how much power this new 2D animation software places at your fingertips is by viewing a free demo that shows off all the benefits of QuickShots technology. You will marvel at the user-friendliness and raw speed of this new feature: it’s been designed to make your job so much easier. It’s all about instant artwork that really delivers, as well as a prism of other creative possibilities. Whatever you need to bring across in your finished storyboards is exactly where you need it to be: nothing will hold you back from realizing your vision and moving closer to getting it all on film.

The freedom to experiment with your storyboard examples is one of the key advantages of choosing cutting-edge software: playing with different options can give you a perfect “first draft” that will save you time and money when you are ready to record or animate your project. Having computer-generated artwork in place frees you up to spend more time adding sound effects, voiceovers, and music. Give your storyboards more sophistication with software that also eases the pressure on your and your team…

The idea of completing a finished, professional storyboard in minutes would have been unthinkable in past decades, but technology has moved forward, allowing today’s visionaries to create slick, modern layouts that really pop. As well, the intuitive and user-friendly software offered by PowerProduction makes learning a breeze. As you move through the process, the software prompts you and directs your efforts: everything is planned and organized.

Storyboard programs, such as Storyboard Quick and Storyboard Artist are both available for PC or Mac computers. Storyboard Artist is a layered, dimensional program that includes everything you could possibly want, including a custom animatics with a pan and zoom feature that will streamline your whole approach to storyboarding and digital previsualization. Designed to work with today’s most popular imaging software, such as Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, this program gives you instant access to great art and easy animatic creation.

Storyboard Quick is also a rapid-fire method of making things happen! This program offers lightning-fast custom storyboards that also utilize QuickShot technology.

Today’s budding directors and Indie filmmakers get results fast when they opt for all the benefits of storyboarding software. Since a director can previsualize in mere minutes, more time can be spent on achieving a perfect final result. Getting your storyboards out of the way is a key element in staying on schedule and on budget – and today’s digital methods make this goal easy to achieve. You may find your milestones and timelines become far more realistic and easy to achieve when you use software to map out your vision before the cameras start rolling…

To make the most of storyboarding software with built-in animate pictures, all you really need is a finished script and a vision: the flexibility of digital software takes care of the rest…

Today’s best and brightest director are converts to digital storyboarding software – they have learned how easy it is to get the cameras rolling by creating quick and professional storyboards. Joe Carnahan, writer/director of the hit film, Smokin’ Aces, has raved about the way PowerProduction’s storyboarding software has revolutionized his approach to mapping out his camera angles, close-up, and shot evaluations…

Taking things even further with special visual effects will ensure that you get a result that lets your entire cast and crew understand the scope of your project and what it will take to bring your vision to life.

Why not take advantage of today’s best digital storyboarding software when mapping out your own script – It’s a smart, affordable way to get what you need in record time.

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Manuel León Caballero

I’m a spanish indie film maker and I totally agree with this article!, I’ve always been the kind of director who knows exactly what I want on the screen but, hey, I’m not an artist at drawing! and to me, believe me, dealing with living storyboard drawers is frustrating and time consuming!! (not to talk about the money you spend that way!)… so I just love my SBQ software!!, now I know that whatever the project I’m planning in the future (and I’m planning a slasher horror shortfilm right now) storyboarding will never be a problem for me again… and if you’re an indie film maker too, you’ll agree with me that’s a VERY HEAVY WEIGHT you are leaving behind!!. Thanks Power Production and keep the good job!

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