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StoryBoard Quick STUDIO Characters!
StoryBoard Quick Studio’s characters are taking Hollywood by storm! Now with TWICE the poses, Quick Studio Characters offer double the action. They [...]
Free StoryBoard Templates for Education!
We’ve recently released free storyboard templates for education, made with our popular educational software program StoryBoard Quick! Ever committed [...]
Storyboard like a Pro with StoryBoard Quick
Storyboarding can be time consuming—but not when you use StoryBoard Quick storyboard software! Our line of StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Quick Studio [...]
Sketch Mode Printing in StoryBoard Quick Studio
To sketch or not to sketch?!  In StoryBoard Quick Studio (and StoryBoard Artist) we give you the ability to take all of your digital storyboards, including [...]
QuickShots Cut PreViz Time!
PowerProduction has revolutionized digital storyboarding with our new QuickShots Technology! QuickShots are available in StoryBoard Quick Studio, [...]
Announcing StoryBoard Quick v6.1 !
StoryBoard Quick v6.1  is the latest in our popular line of StoryBoard Quick previzualization tools!  This new version emphasizes portability and [...]
Pre vis Movement within StoryBoard Quick
StoryBoard Quick is the premier previsualization software for planning great-looking shots and communicating a clear vision for your film. But what’s [...]
Mobile Software Tools for Creating and Viewing Pro Storyboards on Set
PowerProduction Software Releases Storyboard Solutions for iPhone   New Mobile Tools for Creating and Viewing Professional Storyboards on Set Los [...]
Stand-Ins…really Stand Out! New Vector Character Images Library
The new Stand-In Add-On Library brings classic outlined stand-in characters to your copy of StoryBoard Quick, StoryBoard Quick Studio, or StoryBoard [...]
StoryBoard Quick 6 Hands-On Seminar
We are excited to collaborate with Digital Juice and create a hands-on seminar on the features and functionality of StoryBoard Quick! Digital Juice [...]
StoryBoard Quick helps teachers engage students
StoryBoard Quick recently presented at the second annual Digital Connections Project (or “DigiConn”) of the Santa Cruz County Office of [...]
StoryBoard Location Photos for Storyboard Quick and Artist!
In with the new year, and in with new content!  This week, we’ve launched StoryBoard Locations by PowerProduction Software!  This is just one more [...]