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  Editor - Martini Final Cut Pro Plugin for Editors

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storyboard artist storyboard software " I love using StoryBoard Artist storyboard software as 2d animation software. This storyboarding tool is amazing!"
- John Medlen, Second Unit Director; 'Supergirl', 'Vampire Diaries', 'Spider-Man,' 'Alias,' 'The Shield,' 'The Originals'
storyboard artist storyboard software " From stick figures to StoryBoard Artist storyboard software . I can now illustrate to all my department heads exactly what images I want on film. StoryBoard Artist is just fantastic! "
- Timothy Busfield, Director, Producer: 'Graceland,' Secrets & Lies,' 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,' 'The West Wing,' 'Lipstick Jungle'

storyboard quick for commercial production " Storyboard Software, StoryBoard Quick is great! "
- David McNally, Commercial Director/ Producer; 'Aflac,' 'Budweiser Super Bowl Ads,' 'Hyundai', Dunkin Donuts'

StoryBoard Quick storyboard software
StoryBoard Quick storyboard software " I use storyboard software StoryBoard Quick to do all the previz for all America's Most Wanted re-enactments and I love it. I print all the day's boards and post them so everyone knows and we can do 40 setups in one day! The producers love it!"
- Curt Pair, Director of Photography: 'America's Most Wanted, 'A Legend Returns'
storyboard artist software for pros " Being creative doesn't necessarily mean that you can draw. I am definitely not a computer wiz but I figured out StoryBoard Artist storyboard software...and I feel like I grew wings!"
- Anna Foerster, Director: 'Army Wives,' 'Unforgetable,' 'Criminal Minds'; Second Unit Director: 'The Day After Tomorrow,' 'Aeon Flux'

storyboard artist storyboard software pre production for animation " StoryBoard Artist storyboard software is changing the way storyboarding is done and there's nothing like it on the market that's as fast and easy to use...It's opened the doorway to getting storyboards closer to film. Anyone can use it..."
- Ken Harsha, Director of Concept for EA Games; Storyboard Artist: 'Shrek,' 'The Simpsons'
Storyboard Quick on game shows " I've been using StoryBoard Quick storyboard software for many years and I'm astounded at how appreciative my crew is for having these boards on every location. It's become a tool I can't live without. With a support team that is among the most responsive I've ever experienced, you truly have a terrific product."
- Mark Corwin, Director: 'Wheel Of Fortune'
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