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Kids Suite & Business Suite Libraries each include 4 bundles:
2 Character Libraries / 1 Prop Library / 1 Location Library
The characters are accompanied by related props and locations for the specific type of characters.

Character Libraries

Add-On Character Libraries provide you with choices of different genres, ethnicities and artistic styles. Check out these actor Libraries for your next casting call.

Prop Libraries


Add even more detail to your shots & scenes with:
Facial Expressions/ Disguises / Table Top / MotorPool Vehicles / Law & Order / Overheads & Overlays / Atmosphere / & Western Add-on Libraries

Ultimate Locations!

It's like your own personal location scout. Thousands of locations, optimized for storyboarding and available with drag and drop ease. Get discounted groups photos for places you can't get to!

Add-On Artwork for StoryBoard Quick looks great!
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