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PowerFinder - The Ultimate Director's Viewfinder 

" Finally, a smartphone director's finder for professionals! I feel confident that virtually every sensor size, lens type, and format is contained within this remarkable app..."

- Harry Zimmerman, Cameraman - Bridge of Spies, Terminator Genisys, The Avengers and many more
The coolest and most complete director's viewfinder available for your iPhone/iPad. Much more than just an aspect ratio, pick any camera sensor, any lens, any aspect, and any format to find the perfect shot anytime, anywhere. See the video

Use the slick heads-up display to check out all the stats for your shot. From focal length, ISO, speed, dutch angle, compass heading, GPS, horizon, aspect ratio, sensor, third lines, color & lightness histograms and more... Then save the shot with all of the data embedded or visible in the frame into a custom album for your show.
PowerFinder Director's Viewfinder Main Screen
Main Screen - Control your view for the perfect professional shot

Find the exact lens to use when matching any sensor size to the camera you're using for your shoot. Sensors included: Alexa, Arri, Blackmagic, Canon, Panavision, Red, Sony and more. Pro sensors ranging from half-inch to 8K and beyond. Add your own custom sensor for the ultimate in shot precision. Need a shot wider than the standard iPhone/iPad lens will allow? Just slip on any lens add-on and all of your favorite primes are instantly updated to give a true angle of view for your shots.
PowerFinder Director's Viewfinder Data Overlay
See all the data you need and even add notes to your shot

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Choose any sensor size, no matter what camera you're using, choose your favorite prime lens and preview it instantly. Know precisely where to put your camera for every setup.

Discover your shots and know exactly which lens to use. Choose the exact specifications from your favorite primes including Arri, Canon, Cooke, Fuji, Panavision, Red, Rokinon, Schneider, Vantage, Zeiss and more. Modern and legacy prime lenses are also included. Including Anamorphic and custom multipliers.
PowerFinder Director's Viewfinder Choose Sensor
Choose your exact camera sensor and favorite primes

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PowerFinder even includes all the new pro cameras released at NAB 2015.

With auto and manual controls, try your shot with different focus & exposures. Add some more light to your dark shots with multiple constant light levels from your camera's built-in LED light.

Get the best from the leading production software company worldwide, PowerProduction Software.

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PowerFinder for iPhone
PowerFinder for iPhone
PowerFinder for iPad
PowerFinder for iPad
PowerFinder will tell you the exact lens you need
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