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StoryBoard Artist Studio
Working on high-priority, professional-level projects?

Then the added power of
StoryBoard Artist Studio 7 is the answer.
  • Studio version has all the feature of StoryBoard Artist plus:
  • Paint palette with onion skinning and Wacom tablet support
  • Workgroup features, multiple artists on the same project
  • Automatic Visual Effects
  • Unlimited Custom Printing
  • More Sketch types, Imports and Exports options

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Studio Level Storyboards for Animation

StoryBoard Artist Studio Painting & Animation

Paint Canvas includes paint tools to ease animation and illustration. Onion-skin the next and previous frames to precisely control your animation between frames. Use your Wacom tablet with pressure-sensitive and eraser support.



Advanced Editing for Workgroups

StoryBoard Artist Timeline

Precise timeline control, the Studio Version of StoryBoard Artist has precision animatic control which makes it perfect for feature animations and large studio projects.

  • Lock and adjust segments of sequences
  • Sync storyboard frames with dialog, music and SFX
  • Save unlimited edits of the same project to toggle between versions
  • Mix, level and lap sounds in the 16 sound tracks available on every project.
  • Lift sequences, add slugs, save, import and export partial projects for integrated workflow between artists.

Ultimate Custom Printing - Any Image Anywhere

StoryBoard Artist Studio Montage Page Printing

Page layout unlimited.

Much more than just a continuous linear storyboard print. The Studio Version adds custom Montage Page printing. Put any frame, any image, overlapping inside/outside frames, put an arrow between frames to show your camera movement on the page too.

>The possibilities are endless.

StoryBoard Artist Studio Montage Sketch Page Printing

Previs Effects & Overview

StoryBoard Artist Studio Overview Window

Custom Effects can adapt any pre-existing graphic, allowing you to edit its brightness, contrast, color, opacity, perspective, and more! Effects open possibilities for specialized elements, plus exclusive Studio Automatic effects such as Depth of Field, Shadows, Auto Reverse Shot, Screens and Filters, including Black & White and Sepia.


Professional Exports

StoryBoard Artist Exports All Pro Formats

Save Projects to all formats. Projects from StoryBoard Artist Studio 7 can be exported directly to your editor, popular video and image formats, HTML, and mobile. StoryBoard Artist Shot Assistant mobile app

  • Final Cut Pro Interchange
  • Avid NLE
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Advanced Video Formats
  • iPhone integration with StoryBoard Artist Shot Assistant, available in the App Store
  • ePub
  • HTML 5
  • H.264 mp4, m4v, Flash and more

StoryBoard Artist exports to your mobile devices so you can check off your shots as you shoot
Easy-to-navigate Storyboard Interface
Fluid storyboarding workspace. Jump from Page Layout to Timeline to Overview and back in our intuitive, multi-window interface.

Expanded Timeline Features
StoryBoard Artist Studio lets you view your storyboard projects in print or in animatic form (moving storyboards with sound) well before getting into the production phase. This gives you an edge with your vision, sequence timing and budget.

Pan and Zoom
The powerful Animate Object tool makes motion graphics and animation between storyboard frames a snap.

Powerful Import and Export
StoryBoard Artist Studio's Importing and Exporting capabilities makes working with other programs easy. Now with 3D Sketch-up, Video and Image imports (including Photoshop w/ layers).

Import your script
Flexible imports allow you to import scripts from all the major screenwriting and text apps including Final Draft, Screenwriter and Microsoft Word.

Thousands of images
New & even more storyboard artwork included, complete with angles & new character expressions. New hi-res and colorizable characters allow you to achieve even more actor looks!
Easy-to-Create Professional Results with StoryBoard Artist
Advanced features allow for StoryBoard Artist Studio storyboard software to help you prototype for any types of media development: film, video, broadcast and even DVD development.
Layers Palette allows you to easily select and move any object in the frame to any plane in your boards. Fast and easy frame arrangement!
Utilize object linking and non-linear storyboards for user-interactive DVD and game or mobile app prototyping.
StoryBoard Artist's video tutorials assists you with tricks to help make your storyboards reflect your vision.
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