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StoryBoard for MAC

Storyboard Software for Mac - The Rationale behind Apple's Recommended Storyboard Software

Storyboard Quick for Mac Combines Powerful Previsualization Tools with an Easy-To-Use Interface to Make Your Creative Projects Come Alive

See why Storyboard Quick feels most at home on a Mac..
StoryBoard Quick was designed to harness the power and ease-of-use that make Macintosh computers famous..

Our Storyboard software powerful storyboarding features are controlled by simple clicking, dragging and dropping with your mouse. Making it super simple to create dazzling digital presentations for any media.

As Seen in the Apple Store:
Storyboard Quick is recommended by Apple for directors, writers, educators and creatives who want an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn Storyboard Software application for Mac that produces high-quality, professional storyboards. StoryBoard Quick is perfect for filmmakers, television producers, advertising creatives, game developers, DVD designers or educators who want to bring their imagination to life.

Let's take a deeper look at what makes StoryBoard Quick the premier storyboarding software recommended by Apple:
Takes Advantage of Mac's Best Qualities - Easy to use storyboard software for Mac storyboard software for Mac .Powerful media capabilities. Seamless user experience. StoryBoard Quick fits like a glove with the most loved aspects of Apple computers.

In fact, our creative team designed StoryBoard Quick to be most at home on a Mac. So you'll feel in complete creative control using previsualization software that intuitively bends to your needs.
Holds The Power to Make Anyone Look Like a Genius - StoryBoard Quick gives you the power to create mind blowing digital presentations even if you can't draw a smiley face.
Seamless Interface and User Experience - StoryBoard Quick uses intuitive, easy-to-use graphic and caption tools that make it easy to begin storyboarding moments after installing the software.

It's as easy as click, drag and drop to add characters, props and more to a scene. You can even drag and drop your own digital photos to use as locations and more.
Here's what you can do with StoryBoard Quick minutes after installing...
Import Scripts from Nearly any Source - If your scripts are written inside Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter it only takes a few clicks to import your script to the storyboards. And it's just as easy to import scripts even if you use Microsoft Word, a similar program or even a simple text document.
Choose From a Vast Library of Digital Actors, Locations and Props - It's easy to click and drag pre-rendered images to your storyboard frames. Choose from a wide cast of characters, whose clothing and skin can be colorized to match your project. And characters and props can be rotated for extra flexibility.
Or Just as Easily Drag in Your Own Photos and Images - Have you already scouted locations with your digital camera? Perfect. Just load the images on to your Mac and drag them on to your storyboard. You've got a new location for your presentation!
Easily Export Sequences for Sharing - All of your storyboards can be exported to HTML pages or to Flash videos that can be viewed on your computer, uploaded and shared through email or posted on the Web.
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