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The new Atmosphere Actors Add-On for StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist help you add character depth for the everyday people in your project! Who's that in the background? It's the unsung extras who give your film a dash of everyday reality. From delivery men to birthday clowns, these are the men and women who don't get top billing but make our stars stand out in a crowd...and now, they leap into your storyboards!

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Whether you are working on a medical drama, a high school comedy or a police thriller, there's always going to be those guys milling around the ER, the hallways or the downtown station. With the new Atmosphere Actors you can accent those scenes in a snap! Make your lead actors pop off the storyboard by adding the extras every movie needs. But unlike the real thing...these extras work for cheap! At a special low price - no overtime required! The new Atmosphere Actors Add-On Library is the perfect expansion for your StoryBoard Quick 6, StoryBoard Quick Studio or StoryBoard Artist system and is easily accessible through your application's Props Palette.

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