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The new Atmosphere Actors Add-On for StoryBoard Quick v.6 help you add character depth for the everyday people in your project!

Who's that in the background?? It's the unsung extras who give your film a dash of everyday reality. From delivery men to birthday clowns, these are the men and women who don't get top billing but make our stars stand out in a crowd...and now, they leap into your storyboards!

The new Atmosphere Actors Add-On for StoryBoard Quick

Everyday Extras to add acting depth!

Extras are people too!

Get the new Atmosphere Lib Today!

Whether you are working on a medical drama, a high school comedy or a police thriller, there's always going to be those guys milling around the ER, the hallways or the downtown station. With the new Atmosphere Actors you can accent those scenes in a snap!

Make your lead actors pop off the storyboard by adding the extras every movie needs. But unlike the real thing...these extras work for cheap! Only $29 for the entire cast - no overtime required!

The new Atmosphere Actors Add-On Library is the perfect expansion for your StoryBoard Quick 6, StoryBoard Quick Studio or StoryBoard Artist system and is easily accessible through your application's Props Palette.

This Add-On is eligible for our 4 for $99 Internet Special!

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