Disguises & Facial Expressions Library


This Library for StoryBoard Quick & Artist is what you've been looking for to add extra expression to your storyboards! Disguises have colorable, rotatable masks, hats, glasses, facial hair and expressions that match your built-in characters. Now Quick can have characters with facial expressions too like Happy, Sad, Laughing, Angry, Crying and more. When you need add some comic relief or add a facial expression for that critical closeup... Grab them, place them, even colorize them and then in an instant, you're done. So add this new Library to your StoryBoard Props today!

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Disguises graphics will enhance your storyboards with comic relief when a character whips out a funny nose or the clown wig! Add a scarf or even a mohawk to your characters, the Disguises help you create a great-looking shot! The new Disguises & Facial Expressions Library is the perfect expansion for your StoryBoard Quick nd StoryBoard Artist apps and is easily accessible through your Props Library Palette!

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