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The Stand-In Add-On Library for StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist allows you to show off your cinematic vision and establish both shots and blocking while leaving your casting options wide open! When you haven't settled on the features of your main characters but still need to create cinematic shots and show your scene's blocking, use the Stand-Ins! Great looking, artistic, sketch style characters actors that give your scene definition without too many details!

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These colorizable Stand-Ins give you that super cool, hand-drawn look (without having to draw!) but they also "stand in" when you use our mobile apps StoryBoard Quick Direct and StoryBoard Quick Direct HD for the iPad, iPhone, and Android to create boards on the go! The Stand-in are included in the mobile app, so when you create a project on your iPhone, iPad or Android and load it into your StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist project the full Stand-In library will enable you to continue working with these popular characters. The Stand-in vector characters come in low, high and eye level views. The new Stand-In Library is the perfect expansion for your StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist storyboard software and will help you pitch the perfect project!

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