What's New in Artist 7 - Upgrade Now!


Unlimited Poses

Posable 3D characters included
The best of 2D and 3D combined
Use your own jointed models too
Control 3D material colors & lights
Add from Google's 3D Warehouse


Motion Graphics

Instant animatics
Show motion for all objects independently
Just choose start and stop frame


Cooler Design

Redesigned interface for easier access
Faster than ever before
Smaller project files
No hardware key needed
Floating licensing


More Sharing

More compatibility overall
Improved faster output to H.264 video
Playback frames in sketch modes
Export sketched frames to movies
Works with Final Draft & Screenwriter new formats


Frame Stuff

Shuffle in Timeline
Copy/Dupe multiple frames in Overview
Lock and hide objects
Run show frame indicator in Timeline
More cool special borders


Go Mobile

Integrated with Mobile Versions
Upload, Download, & Share easily
Work on the go with Quick Direct HD


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