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What's New in Artist 7 - Upgrade Now!
  Unlimited Poses
  • Posable 3D characters included
  • The best of 2D and 3D combined
  • Use your own jointed models too
  • FBX, 3DS, OBJ, SKP imports
  • Control 3D material colors & lights
  • Add from Google's 3D Warehouse
  Motion Graphics
  • Instant animatics
  • Show motion for all objects independently
  • Just choose start and stop frame
  Cooler Design
  • Redesigned interface for easier access
  • Faster than ever before
  • Smaller project files
  • No hardware key needed
  • Floating licensing
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  More Sharing
  • More compatibility overall
  • Improved faster output to H.264 video
  • Playback frames in sketch modes
  • Export sketched frames to movies
  • Works with Final Draft & Screenwriter new formats
  Frame Stuff
  • Shuffle in Timeline
  • Copy/Dupe multiple frames in Overview
  • Lock and hide objects
  • Run show frame indicator in Timeline
  • More cool special borders
  Go Mobile
  • Integrated with Mobile Versions
  • Upload, Download, & Share easily
  • Work on the go with Quick Direct HD
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