Authorization Help

Having trouble authorizing automatically? We can help here.

Authorize by Chat

If the authorization doesn't happen automatically with your registration, tell us the Add# and Version# as displayed in manual registration screen.


Authorize by Email

Click here and then paste the Add# and Version# as displayed in manual registration screen. Please also include your serial number and we will send you an authorization code via email.


Authorize by Phone

Call +1 408-559-0800
We're available from 9am to 6pm Pacific Time UTC-8 weekdays. You may leave a message because we are frequently here late and we'll call you back. Be sure to say you need help with your authorization.



For more detailed instructions about downloading, installing and authorizing see the following links:

Download Instructions
Installation Instructions
Authorization Instructions


Downloading and Authorizing

If your software download is interrupted, try downloading again. After you have successfully downloaded and installed your software we recommend you back up the app installers onto a DVD. Perpetual licenses are only allowed to download for a limited time. You may also purchase Download Insurance and we'll keep a backup of your version for you. Subscription users will always have access to the latest version download.

Questions or Issues

Should you have any issues at all with your installation, or want to move the app to another machine, submit a support ticket to our tech team. We're here long hours and may just surprise you how fast we respond. :)



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